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Teahouse Official Tumblr: The saddest piece of advice you'll ever get about doing a webcomic.


In the last few months several of our friends have said to us, “I do not know how you handle all of the crap you guys get on the internet.” Most of the time our response to them is, “We do our best to try to ignore it, but it is surprisingly hard.”

I’ll be honest. I was a nerdy kid and I was…

A comment for a friend of mine who wanted to put in her two cents:

But there ISN’T any transgender character in the TH comic - so when did a post about experiencing internet bullying/flaming from anon-people get turned into the topic of the artists way of portraying transgender people?  And to continue this misunderstanding (or any else) of a character to other people who haven’t even read the comic just makes the confusion even more widespread. To split it up into two points:

1. Some people seem to have read a page in the comic wrong and then reacted to that. They stopped reading and, therefore, stopped getting the right facts. It was a page with a bitchy woman rubbing it in a gay man’s face that she gets to have sex with the STRAIGHT man he’s in love with - saying ‘In the end, I AM a woman, and you’re NOT’ - because she’s jealous of the ‘relationship’ (not meaning sexual) between the two men. The gay man, Linneus, just happens to be VERY androgynous looking, have an effeminate appearance and loves jewelry. That doesn’t mean he’s transgender. His looks DO make some men mistake him for a woman and feel attracted to him because of that.

2. Back to the actual topic of the post. I’ve been reading the TH comic, and many other comics for that matter, to see a lot of the bashing artists have gotten. Some say that they whine over getting constructive criticism here, like it’s comments like that which is the problem. It isn’t. It’s the huge amount of bashing comments that say stuff like: Your work sucks, you’re talentless, you can’t draw, you do it wrong etc. etc. - and then just pick their work to pieces without even giving a ‘critique’ of what they could do to improve (in the basher’s opinion). Another one is when a reader misinterprets a page, plot or words said in the comic and blow it totally out of proportion and write long, angry posts against the artist, telling them they’re hateful, prejudice, whatever against a topic -when the artist didn’t even say it themselves. It’s that point at which the reader has misunderstood and judged from their own personal view/experience.

When it comes to this and the artists of a comic, art, blog or something else reach the point where they can’t joke or even interact with their fans without anyone getting extremely butthurt in the name of so-called political correctness (which even depends on where a person lives), that’s sad. And it’s something I see happening with several artists I follow - it’s not just TH.

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